American Cup

27 Jun American Cup

This past weekend we got a special visitor, my good friend and 9 time world champion Caio Terra! Caio dropped by to say hello and deliver our trophy from the American Cup. This trophy is very special to me as it is the first team trophy for our new academy! ¬†When people see team trophies they instantly think of the competitors but a team is more then that. It’s the training partners who bleed on the mats to help the competitors get ready. The parents who support the kids, the wives who watch the children so their husbands can train and everyone who is involved in keeping our academy running. With out the support of everyone, their would be no academy and no team.

Thanks again to everyone for making the Samir Chantre Academy what it is, and thank you professor Caio for your visit. The first of many trophies to come!!

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